2023 Club Championship Tournament Headquarters

Published June 23, 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 Club Champion, Brett Grevel! 🏆 Brett won his match 4&3 to earn his first-ever tournament title.

View the brackets and other division champions below.

  • OPEN DIVISION Brett Grevel over Shawn Pranger 4&3
  • HANDICAP DIVISION Rick Zoulek over Brett Grevel 4&3
  • SENIOR DIVISION Jim Germida over Gary Blohm 3&2
  • SUPER SENIOR DIVISION Lee Hendrixon over Jim Germida 1up




Every year we welcome all of our Certificate Holders, Playing Members, and Employees to challenge their golf skills through friendly competition in our Club Championship Tournament!

In Match Play, the game is played by holes. A hole is won by the player which holes their ball in the fewest amount of strokes. The reckoning of holes is kept by the terms: so many holes up or all square, and so many to play. A player may concede a hole or a match at any time prior to the conclusion of the hole or the match. Concession of a stroke, hole, or match may not be declined or withdrawn. This is a bracket-style, single elimination tournament.

Time frames and match pairings for each round will be posted in the clubhouse and emailed. In each round, you must arrange to play your matches on or before the date stated. Any matches not completed in the time frame posted will result in a double forfeit. The finals will be held Sunday, August 13 starting at 9:00 AM.

  • The Championship Division will play from the Black Tee Markers with no handicap involved.
  • The Handicap Division will play from the Blue Tee Markers with handicaps playing off the lower of the two handicaps — using 75% of established handicaps.
  • The Senior Division (60-70 years) will play from the White Tee Markers — using 75% of established handicaps.
  • The Super Senior Division (71+ years) will play from the Gold Tee Markers â€” using 75% of established handicaps.

The Divisions playing with handicaps require an established handicap; IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON THE ACTIVE GAM GHIN HANDICAP LIST, ONE WILL BE ESTABLISHED FOR YOU FOR $39 (using your club credit if applicable, or charged to your club account)By signing-up in to play these Divisions, you are accepting these terms. An email will be sent from GHIN letting players know the login info for their account profile; this will allow you to post scores from any course from your phone or computer, and keep up with your handicap all season long!


Click the roster link to view all participants name and contact info. Please reach out to your opponents to schedule your matches on or before each round’s date.