2022 Great Pumpkin Open RESULTS

Published October 15, 2022

Congratulations to the team of Mike DeRuiter & Jimmy Current for winning our 31st Annual Great Pumpkin Open with a score of 75. View the full results below. This year we had our largest field with 80 players, some coming as far as from Marquette, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; and Indiana.



Hole #4 (2)Brett Grevel & Fred Inglis
Hole #6 (2)Max Highland & Doug Pretty
Hole #10 (3)Chris Bosch & Tyler Gort
Hole #11 (2)Shawn Pranger & Matt Beckman
Hole #13 (2)Shawn Pranger & Matt Beckman
Hole #15 (2)Donnie McCallum & Jimmy Smith
Hole #17 (3)Brett Grevel & Fred Inglis

Thank you to the many people who have worked or donated their time, talent, or food for the Great Pumpkin Open!

  • Large pumpkins – Christmann Ins. Agency
  • Fall decorations – Carla Inglis & Veronica
  • Sloppy Joes, Chorizo Bean Dip, No Bakes, & Pasta Salad AND preparing all the set-up in the kitchen – Susan
  • Sweet Potato Bars & Potato/Broccoli/Ham Soup – Veronica
  • Veggie Tray – Corina
  • Cupcakes – Roxanne

This tournament concludes our event season here at Oceana for 2022! Thank you to all our players for the fun and games, and of course the great competition throughout our all of our tournaments this year.