2020 Member-Guest—FINAL RESULTS

Published August 29, 2020

Congratulations to all winners and champions during our 2020 Member-Guest Stableford/Shoot-Out Tournament!

This tournament sure offers a lot! Within flights, the first 18-holes of competition are played as two-person teams combine their net Stableford points (1 = bogey, 2 = par, 3 = birdie, 4 = eagle, 5 = albatross… the higher the points, the better!). Once the Stableford results are in order, the teams in each flight then move on into a Shoot-Out. In the Shoot-Out, two-person teams alternate shots until their ball is holed, the worst scoring team on each hole is knocked out… and the remaining teams continue on until the last team stands! In the case of a tie, one player from each team will take their best shot from the marked area for that hole, closest to the hole wins.

Our on-course game winners were Hole #6 Jesse Bowman, Hole #8 Greg Pressler, Hole #12 Mike Inglis, and Hole #17 Donnie Anderson.

There were seven skins to share the pot: #1 Wenk/Flores, #4 McCallum/McCallum, #5 Tate/Stiller, #10 Grevel/Norkus, #11 Kirk/Dumonte, #13 Bowman/Bowman, and #14 Inglis/Pressler.

Winners of the Stableford scoring and on-course games are paid in golf shop prize merchandise credit to golfers’ club accounts on file, balances accessible by email—please contact the pro shop to inquire about your winnings. Winning bets/betters of the Shoot-Out are paid in cash, redeemable in the pro shop. Skins are paid in cash, redeemable in the pro shop.


1st Place—Tom Kirk, Dave Dumonte (71)
2nd Place—Brad Tate, Bernie Stiller (70)
3rd Place—Brett Grevel, Chris Norkus (70)
4th Place—Tom Inglis, Mike Inglis (67)

1st Place—Doug Raeth, Rick DeCair (66)
2nd Place—Brent Raeth, Jim Tenbrink (64)
3rd Place—Paul Inglis, Greg Pressler (63)
4th Place—Joe Firestone, Kevin Balcer (63)


Brad Tate, Bernie Stiller

Joe Firestone, Kevin Balcer