Par 4

Hole 18

Hole 18 Par 4 Blue: 302/12 White: 242/18 Gold: 233/18 Pro Tip This is the ultimate risk and reward hole! To finish the round with a drivable par-4, with water in front of the green, all up the left side … Read More

Hole 16

Hole 16 Par 4 Blue: 371/4 White: 361/4 Gold: 270/4 Pro Tip This is my favorite driving hole. Very intimidating from an elevated tee, you are looking at three ponds, a creek that crosses right in the landing zone, and … Read More

Hole 15

Hole 15 Par 4 Blue: 370/8 White: 358/8 Gold: 290/6 Pro Tip This is the start of the “Amen” corner where you pray not to give any of the shots away that you just earned on the previous holes. Water … Read More

Hole 11

Hole 11 Par 4 Blue: 436/2 White: 372/2 Gold: 284/2 Pro Tip The longest par 4 on the course puts your driving to the test by making you hit it over a large maple tree in the middle of the … Read More

Hole 09

Hole 09 Par 4 Blue: 410/1 White: 334/3 Gold: 245/1 Pro Tip This is the #1 handicap for a reason. All uphill—albeit gradual—this does not allow for much roll. Let the big dog eat and leave a long to mid … Read More

Hole 07

Hole 07 Par 4 Blue: 308/9 White: 308/9 Gold: 236/11 Pro Tip A blind tee shot keeps you from seeing the hazard left of the rough and trees lining the right side. The fairway slopes right to left, so hitting … Read More

Hole 04

Hole 04 Par 4 Blue: 309/11 White: 309/11 Gold: 278/9 Pro Tip This hole is one that everyone remembers! The green is steeply slanted from right-to-left. The key is to just get it on the green to the right of … Read More

Hole 03

Hole 03 Par 4 Blue: 318/15 White: 311/15 Gold: 294/15 Pro Tip Hitting the fairway on this hole will be big—the green is elevated with a false front, so you have to trust the yardage. Short is better than long, … Read More

Hole 02

Hole 02 Par 4 Blue: 358/3 White: 349/1 Gold: 282/3 Pro Tip Leaving yourself with the desired yardage to approach the elevated green is the key decision here. The green slopes left-to-right and is quick down the hill, so missing … Read More