Par 3

Hole 17

Hole 17 Par 3 Blue: 175/10 White: 163/10 Gold: 152/16 Pro Tip A very intimidating par-3, the bailout is left as it will kick down to the green with some luck. But if it is not kicking onto the green, … Read More

Hole 12

Hole 12 Par 3 Blue: 139/18 White: 126/12 Gold: 116/14 Pro Tip The start of the stretch where birdies are waiting to be had. Just hit the narrow green and make the putt. It slopes back-to-front but is relatively straight. … Read More

Hole 08

Hole 08 Par 3 Blue: 150/17 White: 135/17 Gold: 114/17 Pro Tip Trust the yardage! The left side of the green is protected by a bunker, and the fairway goes uphill gradually, making the hole look shorter. This is the … Read More

Hole 06

Hole 06 Par 3 Blue: 180/5 White: 170/5 Gold: 144/5 Pro Tip This is one of the toughest short par-3s around. Hitting a perfectly straight shot is the most difficult shot in golf, but that is generally what’s required here. … Read More