2021 Rotary Scramble — Day One Results & Flighting

Published May 2, 2021

After the first day and afternoon wind gusts up to 35 mph, the flights are as follows:

CHAMPIONSHIP 58-62 (15 teams)
FIRST 63-66 (19 teams)
SECOND 67+ (22 teams)

Our ON-COURSE GAME winners on Saturday were Hole #6 John Greer, Hole #8 Brad Risher, Hole #12 Jerry Perry, and Hole #17 Tom Mulready.

Reminder that the skins game is combined so tomorrow’s scores have the chance to cancel.

See the first day’s results below. Day two will consist of placing 1st-3rd in the Championship Flight and 1st-5th in the First and Second Flights.

All winners (within flights and of on-course games) are paid in golf shop prize merchandise credit to golfers’ club accounts on file, balances accessible by email. Please contact the pro shop to inquire about your winnings. Skins are paid in cash, redeemable in the pro shop.